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Lancaster, PA, Meet- December 9, 2023

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Meeting Location:  Lancaster Shopping Center (by Primanti Bros.)
1659 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA, 17601

Time:  11 AM ET

My current plan is to start by 11:30 AM without lunch, but instead do an early dinner at the Primanti Bros. mentioned above.  I am very open to any changes that help us maximize daylight.  Winter weather is always a concern, but usually not so much during December.

I probably will not have the full itinerary ready until right before meet time, but the following is what I tentatively plan on covering:

Reconstructed interchange on PA 283 at PA 722
US 30/Centerville Rd Interchange
Walnut St Extension (opened September 29, 2023, this is a one-mile section of the Goat Path that was covered during Jason Ilyes' 2016 Central PA Meet)
Nova Way Connector at the intersection of US 30 and PA 10 west of Coatesville
US 30/PA 41/PA 772 Intersection in Gap (Reconfigured in 2016)
PA 896 Strasburg Bypass (most notable for a 25 mph speed limit)

Facebook Event Page:

A.J. Bertin:
I'm very interested in this meet.  I'm not sure how likely it will be that I'll be able to make it, but I'm certainly going to try.  Right now I'd give myself a 50/50 chance of going.

It is slow going along US 30. I hope you're minimizing its use to or from Gap.


--- Quote from: Alps on September 05, 2023, 08:36:18 PM ---It is slow going along US 30. I hope you're minimizing its use to or from Gap.

--- End quote ---

After the Walnut St Extension, I am planning to take PA 340 through Intercourse to PA 10 to get to US 30 there for the Nova Way Connector.

I expect to take US 30 from PA 10 to Gap.  After Gap, it will most likely be PA 741 to Strasburg.

Honestly, US 30 congestion concerns me more from PA 896 to PA 283 than Gap to Ronks Rd (east of PA 896).

As I said on the facebook event I will be out for this one since I will be in the same area 2 weeks prior and plan to check some of this out in 2 weeks when I will be in town then, hope you all have a good meet, this is also my birthday weekend too.


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