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Which state has the highest number of non-Interstate freeways?

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Which state has the highest number of non-Interstate freeways? At least I know that California has many, but does it have most? Which other states have also many, and which have fewest? Also, are there any states that do not number exits on such freeways?

I believe it's California simply because it's the largest state by population. Florida also ranks up there, but Florida tends to do all-or-nothing for a given route, while California likes its short freeway segments.

We also have several in Massachusetts. Although I’d argue Texas is probably up there also.

It would be nice that a table showing number of non-Interstate freeways by state would be added to AARoads Wiki.

Max Rockatansky:
Undoubtedly California.  Almost entire Fresno freeway network consists of state routes (and one relinquished stub of US 99).  The Central Valley has a ton of random freeways which spawn in and out of existence from more conventional highways.  All the big metro areas are strewn with state route freeways.


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