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I-39 in Wisconsin

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 I was curious if I-39 is signed all the way through Wasau now?  I heard it's terminus was being moved north to the WI-29 Westbound interchange, but wanted to know if signs were up yet.

On that note, I think I-39 in Wisconsin could have a little more "legitimacy" if US 51 was routed along WI-16, WI-13, and then WI-73, rejoining the current freeway between Stevens Point and Wasau.  Thoughts?


Portland, OR

I know just the person to ask for that! I'll get back to you soon.

[they live in Wasau]

The last (and only time) I was in Wausau was back in 2007, and at that point the overlap of US 51/WI 29 was under construction.  I-39 also still terminated at the southern WI 29 interchange (where WI 29 breaks away toward Green Bay).  I know that one of the major projects of the reconstruction was a complete freeway-to-freeway interchange that represents the north/west split between US 51 and WI 29 (believe it or not, it was a simple diamond interchange in 2007!  :-o).  When I make my way up that way again (it's a good 4 hour drive from me!) I will let you know...or someone else will beat me to it  :)

I was up that direction last December, and it is still terminated at the WI-29 East interchange.  The WI 29 West interchange will be under construction through next year (3 of the 4 ramps are open, only the EB-NB ramp remains.)  I don't think they have plans to move the terminus northward.

wandering drive:
Master son is right.  I went through Wausau two days ago and there was no proper terminus in either direction.  There are a couple "TO 39" overhead signs southbound I think along the WI-29 portion of US-51, so it looks like they'll keep it where it is


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