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Short day trip KY-TN

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--- Quote from: hbelkins on August 11, 2022, 01:39:36 PM ---And I didn't see one single place I could charge such a beast on that trip.

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From what I remember from looking at places on Google Maps, most office building parking lots have some. Of course, Massachusetts has more of those than Kentucky, but what I'm saying is that they're not obviously visible from the road.

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I would expect rural Kentucky to have a lot less. My Houston exurb, for example, doesn't have a single public charging station (the closest one is 15 minutes away in the next town), even though I'm not that far from the city. EV charging stations will get there, but outside the coasts and cities, they are a rarity, at least for right now.

Plus I doubt that hbelkins is in a well enough financial state to afford an EV in the first place.


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