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Has any one visited every state a Specific US Route goes

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I was wondering if there are any US routes you’ve not clinched end to end, but at least been on one part in each state the route visits?

For me been on US 9 in all three states it transits, but missing segments in each.

US 13 is another. Been on in all 5 states but clinched only one state: Maryland but also  have most of Virginia and Delaware. Need NC and PA to complete.

US 301 I have clinched  every state , but one. I just need two parts in Virginia to have that done, but nonetheless have been on US 301 in every state from FL to DE though.

US 24 - 6 states (clinched in IN)
US 31/31E - 5 states (IN, MI)
US 42 - 2 states (KY)
US 101 - 3 states
US 131 - 2 states (IN)
US 150 - 3 states (IN)

For me...

US-8 (clinched entire route)
US-10 (clinched WI)
US-12 (clinched IN, IL, WI, ID, WA)
US-18 (clinched WI)
US-41 (clinched WI, IL, IN)
US-61 (clinched WI)
US-131 (clinched IN)
US-141 (clinched WI)
US-151 (clinched WI)

There are probably a bunch of others if it includes getting off an interstate somewhere to get gas, duplexing, etc.

US-1 immediately comes to mind; I've been on it in every jurisdiction it traverses but have only clinched it in DC.

Not sure about any others, I'd have to look through my Travel Mapping records and I don't have time right now.

US 9 (clinched in DE)
US 11 (clinched in VA, WV, MD, PA)
US 11E (clinched in VA)
US 11W (clinched in VA)
US 13 (clinched in VA, MD, DE, PA)
US 15 (clinched in MD, PA, NY)
US 19 (clinched in NC, TN, VA)
US 21
US 25 (not the case for US 25E and US 25W)
US 27
US 33
US 42 (clinched in KY)
US 67
US 74 (only because of the unsigned I-75 concurrency)
US 76 (clinched in TN)
US 92
US 117
US 119
US 150
US 158
US 180
US 192
US 219 (clinched in VA, WV, MD, PA)
US 220 (clinched in WV, MD)
US 250
US 258 (clinched in VA)
US 264 (would be fully clinched if it was not for a bridge closure)
US 277
US 301 (clinched in GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, DE)
US 321 (clinched in TN)
US 360
US 380 (clinched in NM)
US 421
US 441
US 460 (clinched in VA)
US 501 (clinched in SC, VA)
US 601


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