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From NJ to the BMW Championship in Delaware! (photos included)


If you have been following the PGA tour golf season lately, today was the first round of the BMW Championship at the Wilmington Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware. Below are some interesting photos I took as well as a summary of the places visited today.  :D

On the way there:
US-1 SB to I-295
I-295 to I-95 in PA
I-95 (1) to DE-92 in DE

On the way back (I did not take I-95 this time to avoid traffic in Phila):
DE-92 to US-13 in PA
US-13 to US-322 (Comm Barry Bridge) in PA
US-322 to US-130 in NJ
US-130 to I-295 NB in NJ
I-295 (67A) to US-1 in NJ

Here are some photos I took (on Flickr):

A NJ-31 shield hiding underneath a construction sign for some reason:

Progress on the I-295 to I-95 construction project in PA:

A big orange sign (BOS?) near Phila:

This has been around for a while, but the PA-291 shield is not centered on this sign, I-95 SB:

A BIG yellow "Stay in Lane" sign on US-322 EB on the bridge:

Signs with ugly fonts on US-322 EB:

Weird side-by-side county shield / location name configuration on BGS on I-295 NB:

FOUR county shields all on one sign?? And there were 3 of these signs on I-295 NB:

I-295/I-76/NJ-42 Direct Connect project in construction:

And finally, button copy on I-295 NB to finish it out:


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