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^ That project has been talked about at least since the mid-2000s.  I distinctly remember it being studied when I was stationed at Stennis (2005-2008).  I don't remember if it existed in my Meridian days (1998-2001).

The plan is to twin 57 up to Gautier-Vancleve Rd, then build a bypass west of Vancleve, returning to the existing alignment near Mariposa Ln.

Here's a WLOX story from 2017, when the project was previously going to start but was put on hold due to having its funding pulled.

Here's a Corps of Engineers release from April talking a little about the wetlands permit MDOT requested for the project.

Stephane Dumas:
I saw by luck this old study about Airport Pkwy and MS-25 connectors published in 1999 on Google books.

Something I have a question about....

I see a few old instances of business routes in Mississippi. They're extremely uncommon in general but sprinkled throughout old topo maps and stale TIGER data, you'll see references in Laurel to a MS 15 Business route and a US 84 Business Route. Are these still existing but unsigned, or long decommissioned? What's the deal here?

I thought that the US 61 and US 84 BUS routes posted in Natchez have been long decommissioned.

Mississippi seems to use MS 1xx state routes instead of business US routes (for example, MS 145, MS 178, MS 184, MS 198). I don't know whether all the MS 1xx routes used to be signed as Business US xx.


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