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Just go over the counter repeatedly on the same day or something, then when they look at the data, that day shows as an outlier and they ignore it.

Considering many like to cruise who aren’t road geeks nowadays, you’re none other than those others who refuse to get a life.

Not saying we don’t have lives, but many non road geeks who cruise around in their automobiles for recreation, are life less if they can’t find friends or find something on line to occupy themselves.

Had this happened to me today in a retail store:

Kid was not looking where he was running, which was toward my stopped cart.  Parents were a few steps behind....

To avoid the likely potential of the kid crashing into my stopped cart and getting hurt, I gave a courteous "CAREFUL" warning, since the parents were not acting on the situation. 

Kid stopped, but the father gave me the evil eye like, "How DARE you reprimand my child!"

Hey, I'm just avoiding an injury to your kid, which wouldn't have been my fault in the first place as you weren't doing your parenting duties!

Best to just run into the kid.

I got a new credit card in the mail today, and immediately went to set it up on Google Pay, which I use all the time in stores.  Couldn't do it, and when I looked up the reason why:

--- Quote ---All Citi branded consumer credit and debit cards issued in the US are eligible for Google Pay, except for ATM cards, American Express® cards, and Citi® / AAdvantage® cards.
--- End quote ---

Well, why is that specific one excluded?  Yes, I can use the actual card, but I have to dig it out of my wallet, when with all my other credit cards I just use the phone.  At least this one is the low-end, no annual fee "AAdvantage MileUp" card so I didn't commit to an annual fee before finding out about this omission.


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