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College football teams mired in mediocrity

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Billy F 1988:
How sad, but true, that a handful of college football teams have doled out handfuls of mediocre seasons that don't amount to a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. This applies to FBS and 1-AA/FCS teams.

Montana? Yep. Ever since that awful scandal in 2012, Montana has not been the powerhouse 1-AA team people heard about in the past. How much longer is this mediocrity going to continue before Kent Haslam wakes his sorry ass up and shakes up the Montana locker room and gets these boys back to a winning atmosphere? I don't know that for sure.

U-Conn makes this case, as if the loss to Holy Cross wasn't any more apparent.

Let's see. How about UCLA and USC? Oh, yes.

Know of any more teams miring its fandom in mediocrity?

Kansas, Vandy

I'm going to a UNLV game next week, but it's mostly to see an event in Allegiant Stadium and check that place out.  You would think UNLV would be an attractive school for football players but they have had a good team basically never.

I am a University of California, Berkeley alum.  We were great in the 1920s leather helmet era.  We were still very successful on the field post-WWII through the 1950s.  Then Berkeley got sidetracked with other issues and football has never been the same.  There have been a few sporadic successes, particularly when we had Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch with Jeff Tedford's early teams, but the sad fact is the upcoming January 1 Rose Bowl will be the 63rd consecutive Rose Bowl without Cal playing in it.

It seems like UConn was cursed by early success in joining div 1-A, with an NFL-caliber QB and RB, good coaching, and the feeling that since they created a champion in basketball, they could do the same in football. The first decade was a lot of fun:

2002: beat Iowa State 37-20 on the road; football fans in general were saying "what the f--k?"
2003: 9-3 season, though the schedule was not tough
2004: beat Pitt on the way to 8-4 record and a bowl game win
2007: beat two top 25 teams; peaked at #13 ranking; 9-4 record
2009: beat Notre Dame in South Bend; beat South Carolina 20-7 on Jan. 2 bowl game
2010: Big East conference co-champion; play in a BCS bowl (Oklahoma kicks their ass, but not a surprise)

That all seems very distant now.

UMass wishes it could be mediocre


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