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US 41:

--- Quote from: Scott5114 on January 16, 2022, 05:04:08 PM ---I find it interesting to see someone give US-277 top billing over US-62 on their concurrency (even ODOT occasionally forgets that it exists north of Ninnekah).

--- End quote ---

It's because I'm a shunpiker. I think of 277 as being the free route to Wichita Falls from OKC and 44 as the toll road. Although I've always taken US 81 and SR 79 to W.F. from Chickasha, before continuing on US 277 SW of W.F.

In the near future I hope to make a day trip to Folkston, Georgia, by way of places like Gainesville and Baldwin, Florida. I may go back the same way, or I could go back down US 17, and then drive across the Sunshine State, I don't know yet.

I'm planning a June trip down to San Antonio to see extended family. Likely going Home -> Denver -> Limon -> Amarillo -> Lubbock -> Sweetwater -> Junction -> San Antonio. In the works is a July trip to north North Dakota via the Badlands.

Tomorrow for me, will involve another northern Central Florida trip, around places like Ocala National Forest, DeLand, and Gainesville.  With any luck, I'll clinch Marion and Lake County Roads 42, and get the images of FL 26A that I've been dying to capture.

Planning the annual summer trip from our home in Chicago to the family vacation home in Maine for early July. It's a trip I always get pretty excited about I think in part because there's a comforting familiarity to it (the portion from east of Cleveland even follows the main route my family drove to Maine from Indiana when I was a kid). The familiarity also means I largely know what to expect, though of course there are always questions about how far we want to push on day one for the sake of a shorter day two and the like.

The one annoying aspect of this year is that so many of the service areas on the New York Thruway are closed for reconstruction so we'll have to be more careful about planning our stops for that portion. A part of me also still wants to think of the current service areas as "new" because I can remember when they were brand new (and even have a few memories of stopping at the original buildings before they were replaced). I can do the math and realize the originals weren't that much older when they were replaced. Still, while the current buildings are showing their age in some ways, I generally like them and I'll be particularly sad to see Roy Rogers (which isn't anywhere around here) disappear as an option when the project is finished. Massachusetts, on the other hand, could replace their service plazas any day and I wouldn't mourn them at all.


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