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Drum solos

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I liked the ones when the Allman Brothers were live! Usually the end of In Memory of Elizabeth Reed is when Jamioe and the late Butch Trucks would take turns beating the drums.

Best drum battle ever.


'In A Godda Da Vida' by iron Butterfly, the mooooong version that took up an entire vinyl album side.  You can close this thread now.


(Oh yea, yes, I loved the simpsons' take on this song too!


I heard Keith Moon hated solos.  There was a concert where Townsend and Entwistle both purposely stopped playing the music on stage to get get Moon unexpectedly to play a solo where he said out out loud Drum Solos are boring.

However Moon did somewhat of a solo at the end of Love Reign Oer Me that is one of his greatest playing IMO.

In the words of one YouTuber, no one wants to hear just drums.


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