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Clinching Superchargers


This Wall Street Journal A-Hed column caught my eye:

--- Quote ---Andy Hall recently drove his Tesla Model 3 from his home in Big Horn, Wyo., to Washington, D.C., for his daughterís graduate-school commencement ceremony. He turned what is normally an 1,800-mile affair into a 10,000-mile, 15-day odyssey with more than 80 stops in places such as Miami Beach and Quebec City.

Dr. Hall, a retired ophthalmologist, is part of a cadre of die-hard Tesla owners who are racing to visit as many of the companyís fast-charging stations, called Superchargers, as possible. Itís a competition without a prize or even a finish line.

Participants track their progress on a shared Google spreadsheet. A car must draw electricity from a charger for a site to count; if the device is broken, itís tough luck. A few years ago, there was a debate over whether it was fair game to fly to Europe, rent a Tesla and hit Superchargers there. Players decided it was, to the chagrin of Dr. Hall.
--- End quote ---

Looks like I need to get a Tesla.  This sounds like fun.

(Trivia: I actually became acquainted with misc.transport.road and the county counting community through old A-Hed articles.)

Quite a few Superchargers are in pretty boring or out-of-the-way places, while others are well placed. It's really a mixed bag.

I'm at 9 for Washington and Oregon, expecting to get quite a few more on a trip with my friend's Tesla next week.


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