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This is the thread for miscellaneous Ohio things in the Midwest - Great Lakes forum, so it covers Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12.  Why?  Because I said so, and nobody seemed to object.

For Districts 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 see Ohio Valley forum counterpart.

Draft access management study for US 42 between London and Delaware:

The interesting bits start around page 60 or so. Basically, recommendations include minor driveway changes, a couple of new signals, turn lanes (including miles of TWLTL), possibly one or two roundabouts in Plain City, a longer five-lane section near US 33, and eventually frontage/backage roads.

From 1963, The Ohio Highway Patrol made a safety film and it is a TREASURE TROVE of old stuff - increment panel signs, cut out US 250, OH 89 shields, among others. It's kind of tacky, but it is still neat from an old sign perspective, and the point it tries to drive home is valid.

I-480 eastbound closed in Cleveland due to a car chase / police shooting incident.

I happened to get caught up in the traffic, while on my way from dropping off someone at the airport and eating lunch in Independence. All eastbound traffic on 480 was being forced to exit onto Ridge Rd, and I must have gotten to the area fairly soon after it happened as I encountered stopped traffic just before the 1/4 mile BGS for that exit. Took maybe 20 minutes to get off the intersatte, and I ended up taking Ridge Rd to Snow/Rockside to get where I was going.

On the way back, about an hour later, 480 westbound had a rubbernecking slowdown leading up to the incident site (just east of State Rd) and then was fine after that. By this time traffic on EB 480 had backed up from Ridge Rd almost all the way to 71, and the police had closed the on ramps to 480 east from 71 and the interchanges east of it. Once I got west of 71 I saw that they were forcing all 480 eastbound traffic onto the 71 entrance ramp.

Purgatory On Wheels:
With Ohio adding exit numbers and tabs to many non-interstates recently, it seems that the (mostly-) freeway from I-270 to Newark could benefit from some.  But since it's made up of 3 different state routes (161, 37, and 16), how would exits be numbered?


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