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 on: Today at 07:03:37 AM 
Started by Crash_It - Last post by formulanone
probably would end up just pushing him out of the way.

this is an old wives' tale
It's very true. The Lodge is a freeway where people routinely do over 80 mph and doing 55 in the middle lane is a bad idea. Just for the sake of being truthful the last time I drove on the Lodge my top speed was 103 mph coming around the curve between Linwood and Davison. It's a big boy highway.

Been there, done that. It's just an overused trope that I'm tired of hearing; literally nobody is getting "run over" or "pushed out of the way" unless somebody ain't paying attention in stopped traffic or a movie is being filmed.

As much as I can advocate that speed enforcement sucks, no experienced driver immediately assumes that they can get away with driving 20 over a posted speed limit until the flow of traffic suggests otherwise. Given that if the leftmost lane is the passing lane, and the rightmost lane routinely travels under the speed limit because of merging cloverleaf traffic, than it's reasonable and understandable that going exactly the speed limit in the middle lane is still tolerable, though less than ideal in some cases. For the record, I'm not a fan of 55 on any free-flowing freeway, unless there's some sort of exceptionally sharp curve or the route is coming to an abrupt end/stop.

Just because you want to ride a bumper at 80 doesn't mean the rest of us always do. Some of us have learned the hard way that just because I wish to go 80 doesn't mean that it's acceptable everywhere. Traffic isn't dictated by the fastest driver, nor should it be decides by the slowest movers, despite what 5-10% of the jackasses on the road want to do.

 on: Today at 07:01:41 AM 
Started by kphoger - Last post by CNGL-Leudimin
Well, I meant it is one of the only two of the 10 highest bridges overall (i.e. carrying anything) to be outside China, the other, as you said, is the Baluarte bridge.

 on: Today at 06:28:56 AM 
Started by A.J. Bertin - Last post by A.J. Bertin
Haven't given Oneonta much thought lately for 2021. I'll likely move it to a future year.

Thanks for chiming in, Doug!  I went ahead and crossed Oneonta off the list for 2021 with this in mind.  If anything changes, I can easily add it back to the list.

 on: Today at 06:25:01 AM 
Started by tolbs17 - Last post by Mapmikey
When looking at these bridges, you may wonder why they are very high (I've seen some ones that are a little lower to carry trains), And the reason is cause of the low voltage lines and a nearby river next to a road.

Like hell, even these are lower.

The first bridge is that high because it crosses the Intracoastal Waterway.  Otherwise it would need to be a draw bridge.

The second bridge can be lower because trains are not as tall as sailboats.

 on: Today at 05:41:06 AM 
Started by Crash_It - Last post by Crash_It
Why hasnít Michigan increased the speed limit there up to 70 mph? Thereís clearly precedent, and itís not like theyíre shy with high urban limits.

Where east of the Mississippi is a high urban speed limit? Nowhere, all major cities drop the limits to 55 or lower. Indy, Milwaukee and Columbus are all examples of this.

 on: Today at 05:37:24 AM 
Started by A.J. Bertin - Last post by Dougtone
Haven't given Oneonta much thought lately for 2021. I'll likely move it to a future year.

 on: Today at 05:29:01 AM 
Started by Sub-Urbanite - Last post by oscar
Wikipedia suggests 31 used to connect and was severed by developments. My recollection, and supported by aerial photos, is that the connecting segment was simply never built. Which is it?

AFAIK, until 1984 there was a connection, over a bad unpaved private road. The landowner closed the road, not because of development (though the west end of the closed road ran between two golf courses, which on Maui is a good enough excuse to close even a public county road because golf is more important), but rather liability concerns over letting the public use such a substandard road.

 on: Today at 03:56:15 AM 
Started by MaxConcrete - Last post by jadebenn
New Urbanists do not like any Infrastructure ... even if it is Rail ... and Private.
Very much not true.

 on: Today at 03:46:40 AM 
Started by Interstate Trav - Last post by sparker
I personally think it's foolish to assume Phoenix will physically be able to sprawl out as far as I-11 is proposed to go.  What the hell are those people going to drink?  They have no new places to get water in that part of the world, so what are they going to do?  They ain't getting ours!

There will always be water. It's a question of how much people are willing to pay for it.

There's not a whole lot of salt water around Arizona either.

Also a severely energy-intensive process.
Pipelines and nuclear energy.

As for the environmental impacts, Iíve read that an increasing issue with the oceans is increasing salinity levels. Not sure how much desalination plants would help but they canít make it worse.

The only issue is the brine that is produced but Iím confident with the proper amount of R&D we can come up with a solution. 

Widespread drought + high overall temperatures = less freshwater runoff into the ocean + more rapid oceanic evaporation = higher salt content in the ocean.  Removal of a bit of extra-saline water for desalinization purposes will leave piles of salt somewhere.  Of course it's "sea salt" rather than manufactured sodium chloride, so it might have a bit of salability.  Now -- maybe if we all developed a taste for oil & brine-cured Greek olives!  (I grew up eating these, courtesy of my Greek-born grandfather).  But desalinization efforts would likely be a last resort when and if other water acquisition methods had been exhausted. 

 on: Today at 03:41:52 AM 
Started by SkyPesos - Last post by SeriesE
Parclo B4
Exit numbers on all interchanges
Thermoplastic lines
Thermoplastic line based rumble strips across the lane
Yield signs instead of stop signs
Signed county roads

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