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--- Quote from: Scott5114 on April 20, 2021, 07:37:45 PM ---Not what I meant, but it works. :-D

I have the same keyboard as you!

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Sometimes I'll get comments on it when I'm in voice calls just because the sound is so loud and distinct. Pretty hard to miss.

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The Model M? I like that keyboard, especially the 'spring' sound, despite never used one for more than 5 seconds before. Though my current keyboard, the Corsair K70 with red switches, works great for me and have been what I used for the past 3 years.

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Ducky One RGB with CHERRY BLUE switches because I just gotta be that guy.

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I heard blue switches on video calls this and last year way too much that Iím used to the loud clicky sound at this point.

I didn't even realize Cherry made keyboard switches. When I worked on slot machines, I knew of them because they supplied the door alarm switches on the machines. If you were talking with a game tech and mentioned a "cherry switch", they knew you were talking about the main door switch.

My Model M is loud enough that Discord picks it up when we're playing D&D. When I'm DMing, the other players will sometimes hear me typing and say something like "oh no, he's typing something up" assuming I'm making notes and preparing to sic some sort of monster on them.

Cherry Red switches are where it's at though.


--- Quote from: JoePCool14 on April 21, 2021, 08:46:04 PM ---Cherry Red switches are where it's at though.

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Nah.  Gotta have the click.  My staffer finally asked why my keyboard sounded like an adding machine when she talked to me over the phone.

I found a solution for this in the form of a browser plugin:



I don't know if the Chrome one works since it's old and I don't use Chrome, but I can verify the Firefox one works:


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