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In the early stages of planning a trip up to PEI and Newfie.  I can see there are a lot of gravel routes on PEI and certain main routes.  I also see there's basically one road on Newfoundland that goes anywhere.  Does anyone know of anything interesting from a roadgeek perspective to see on the islands?  What routes (gravel or paved) should I be sure to travel?  I'll be going in summer with dates flexible, so snow or mud should not be issues.

only place that I have been is the air port  :-( was a refuel stop on way to the desert.

Well, the Trans-Canada highway does pass right through Charlottetown, and I believe terminates on the island.

Passes through Charlottetown, but not through downtown.  Terminates at the Woods Island ferry terminal (the terminal back to Nova Scotia).

Steve:  I've been thinking of doing a post on what Meaghan and I saw on PEI...we were there on vacation a few weeks ago.  That post may answer some of your roadgeek-related questions.

That said, if you plan on going during the summer...and especially anytime between mid-July and mid-August...I *HIGHLY* recommend making reservations for wherever you want to stay.

I've been on Prince Edward Island and drove out to Glace Bay/Sydney, NS.

On PEI, there's the obvious (Confederations Bridge), and the Trans-Canada route. Montague is a nice little town in eastern PEI, quaint.

Sydney has their beltway. Next time up there I'm going to see the Cape Breton highlands, didn't last time.



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