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Not the most interesting province in Canada to post about. But BC regularly engages in highway construction and they're not afraid of large projects. So what the hey, let's have a BC thread.

Mod note: maybe we could sticky all these provincial threads? Other than BC: Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta all have identically-named threads.

Some interesting projects ongoing in BC include:

* Lower Lynn Interchange reconstruction in North Vancouver: see here;

* Rebuild of Hwy 91/SFPR interchange: see here;

* Haney Bypass reconstruction (Hwy 7 bypass around Maple Ridge): see here;

* Pattullo Bridge Replacement: see here

To start, the Lower Lynn Improvements are ongoing in North Vancouver. Many things have already been completed.

Some of the changes include:

* rebuilt interchange at Mountain Hwy
* new bridges over Lynn Creek
* collector/distributer system
* ramp meter entering the southbound Ironworkers

You can see the new Mountain Hwy overpass/interchange on street view already.

Here is a map of all the different improvements:

The MOTI's Flickr album for the project has quite a few photos as well:

This flyover is pretty excellent too:


Another project was recently completed: Hwy 1 at McKenzie/Admirals on Vancouver Island.

This interchange was previously a busy traffic signal, and completed a section of the Hwy 1 Freeway another interchange further, bringing the total length to about 11 km.

The freeway's eastern end is Tillicum Road, and is much more urban than where this interchange was built. It's unlikely that a proper freeway interchange would ever be built there. Maybe a RIRO one day.

Images are hard to come by, but this one was posted by the MOT on their website:

For those interested in traffic signals:

BC recently changed their rule and now requires 300mm traffic signal heads rather than a variety of 200mm or 300mm as was previously the case.

I believe this intersection between Mountain Hwy & Keith Road, which was rebuilt by the province as part of the aforementioned Lower Lynn Improvements, may be the first provincial intersection to include all 300mm signal heads. An intersection like this would have definitely included some 200mm traffic signals a few years ago, likely the right-side through signals.

Are you getting to visit BC at all?  I thought travel was limited to essential traffic only.  Or are you working just from web sites?


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