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3.5-mile toll spur to serve new development proposed from Interstate 95 in Fredericksburg:

Like Fredericksburg needs more sprawl and Interstate 95 through there needs more traffic.   :-/


--- Quote ---We'll call it the Silver/3 Pike or S3 Pike.
--- End quote ---

So true.

That area doesn't need any more sprawl. The whole Fredericksburg region is like a giant monument to the Silver Companies and their vast wealth, and I'm not surprised that one of the options for the location of the main toll plaza would benefit them, because customers to their developments wouldn't be tolled.

I also know that no one up there would ever use a toll road, and that this is unlikely to ever be built, like the Outer Connector before it (which pretty much died when the development of Celebrate Virginia before it).

Argh. Another proposal destined to fail. I really don't see the point of that proposal.
And agreeing with SyntheticDreamer, Spotsylvania County really does not need more suburban sprawl...

The whole Interstate 95 corridor between Richmond and Washington is the bane of my existence. That road has changed dramatically since the 1980s. A friend and I filmed it in 1994 from D.C. southward to Richmond, and even then it was terrible. Any additional development along the corridor pinches the gridlock that much more and without any alternate corridors (I tried U.S. 1 once, bad mistake), its just fuel on the fire.

DTP, don't know if you saw this, but the proposal to build a new Elizabeth River toll bridge is moving forward:

FYI, I am attempting to move posts that have topics for them out of the general VA thread and into those topics if possible.  We will see how far I get with this.

I have always been curious about the end of the separated HOV lanes on I-95 well south of the Beltway.

First, are they to be extended?  I seem to recall seeing unused pavement and bridge.

Secondly, how much of a time savings can there really be southbound in the afternoon, when the HOV lanes merge into the general lanes?  I seem to recall getting caught up in tieups there and seeing backups in the HOV lanes, too.


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