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My friend Joe Babyak and I took a pair of one day trips over the weekend out of Wilmington, NC.

Saturday - Wilmington, NC to Sumter, SC  and back
Blog/Roadtrip Report -
Entire Flickr Set (82 photos) -

Sunday - Burgaw, NC
Entire flickr set (43 photos) -

Great stuff as always. :)

Some photos from a July 5th roadtrip through Washington and Greene Counties, PA.

Highlights include - two covered bridges, an old truss bridge, a National Road stone arch 'S' bridge, one room school house, and I finish up with a button copy treat from the Pittsburgh Department of Public Works.

Roadtrip Report on the blog:
Entire Flickr Set:

Co-Blogger Bob Malme headed to Goldsboro on Friday to check out I-795.  Though he didn't see anything new on that route - he did find new exit numbers on US 264 and some worko n the US 70 Goldsboro Bypass.  Plus, an End I-73 North shield sent in by a reader.

Very cool!  :cool:


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