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While I encourage more individual threads about Alaska projects, this thread can also be used for ease of access and discussion, particularly of statewide/regional importance.

M7.2 (now M7.0) quake near Anchorage this morning; KFQD reports that at least one on-ramp along Minnesota Expwy. has "collapsed," but no details yet.

There's apparently also a collapse on the southbound Glenn Hwy., which is closed.

Mod note: non-roads related earthquake discussion is here.

Alaska DOT&PF's website has a page reporting updates on how the earthquake has and hasn't affected major roads:

Main items:

-- Seward Highway (AK 1 south of Anchorage) briefly closed several miles south of Anchorage due to rockslide, though it has since reopened. No mention of detour, so for a time there may have been no alternate route between Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula

-- Glenn Highway freeway (AK 1 northeast of Anchorage) closed in at least one direction at Eagle River, detour available on local roads in Eagle River

-- One ramp of Glenn (AK 1)/Parks (AK 3) interchange closed, with detour to Palmer; other major damage to interchange

Highways more distant from Anchorage seem to be largely unaffected.

Some damage to Anchorage International Airport and closures of some roads to airport, but a reduced schedule of incoming and outgoing flights has resumed.

OSM intimates that closures on Minnesota Dr and AK 1 are still in effect; the link in Oscar's post updates to Dec 13. Any further updates since?


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