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Author Topic: Old Landslide off Georgia 540?  (Read 1312 times)


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Old Landslide off Georgia 540?
« on: July 22, 2022, 09:49:46 PM »

I just noticed this the other day while browsing satellite photos. What's the story with this section of road here? Was it destroyed by heavy rainfall or a landslide? I can't find any information on it when I try to google the incident.

To specify, this is Georgia State Route 24 and Georgia State Route 540 in Washington County. Looking at different eras of satellite imagery suggests the road was never completed or open to traffic when "it" happened. Given the way the remaining portions appear to be in disrepair or being used to test paintwork, seems like it's, for all intents and purposes, abandoned from here out.

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Re: Old Landslide off Georgia 540?
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2022, 03:09:42 AM »

Not sure if these GMaps links carry over the time capsule settings so some adjustments and clicking around may be required.

Using the "time capsule" feature (if you click the clock icon on applicable roads, you can see previous/old Street View images) available in desktop GSV I'm able to bring up a May 2008 snapshot of Georgia 24/540 being a two-lane road, prior to 4-laning on both sides of this area. West side of the area in question. It seems to follow the current route, though is missing coverage on both ends where the road divides.

A portion of Brooks Road, which a portion of this "abandoned 24/540" seems to connect to for the purposes of giving anybody who might live on it access to the new road. Curiously the footage seems to have been taken earlier this year, yet stops as soon as you get to the old/incomplete/??? section of road. The road loses its paved status before it terminates at somebody's house.

The other side of the road is blocked off with several barriers. Looking at more 2008 GSV (on 24/540) it seemed that this was part of Brooks Road, but in current GSV there's a new sign naming this unpaved road as "Skyview Drive".

Here is a blue sign on the west end of this area placed along the roadway in question.
"Access to 7574 Hwy 24 W". The duplicate sign may or may not be a GSV graphical glitch, I'm not sure.

Tornado damage, maybe? The total lack of GSV on the access road, yet having current-year coverage on Brooks/Skyview, is weird.

Found these two projects listed on the GDOT website - the first seems to be regarding widening this section of 24/540 to a 4-lane road, though following the existing alignment.
The second one is some sort of "scoping" project from 2019, listed under the name "FALL LINE FREEWAY FM SR 24 TO BROOKS RD-GEOTECHNICAL SCOPING".
(There's no corresponding project for the western section, or at least there isn't one shown on the GDOT project lookup interface.)

Addendum 2:
Listed on the first GDOT project link were a few PDFs that I didn't look at before - right at the first page of information from the CR (Concept Report) JUN2019 PDF:

Project Justification Statement: Project number 0015878 is just west of the City of Sandersville in Washington
County. This new project was programmed at the request of the Office of Roadway Design in November 2017.
This section of SR 24 was identified for improvement as a result of catastrophic soil failure on PI 222285, a section
of the SR 24/Fall Line Freeway from west of Indian Trail Rd to west of SR 68.
Project begins along SR 24 from east of Chambers Brooks Spring Road to west of Helton Lane. These limits were
determined to minimize the need for additional ROW and provide a safe buffer between the subsidence zone and
the main travel corridor along SR 24.

So it seems like they had to put 24 back on the old road due to a sinkhole that had formed.
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Re: Old Landslide off Georgia 540?
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2022, 03:40:51 AM »

Interesting thing. Soil can make harm like this due to improper care.
Sometimes the roads are protected by trees from the wind or the hills are covered by trees and bushes to avoid a landslide. It is similar to intercropping to me.
Intercropping is a seasonal growing of some plants in-between among each other. It also has many types you have definitely seen. You can read more here.
It is a reminder to care about the roads. The specialists should foresee different situations and keep our budget for other important things. What do I pay the taxes for?


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