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Since nobody has started this thread yet, I thought I'd add one for generic 2023 road trips.

So, what is everybody's plans?

At least one of mine will be the standard NYC-Long Island Trip that I didn't get the chance to take in 2022. But I'm also seeking more "local" trips, so to speak.

I also want another trip to Folkston, GA, and I want to do it this month. But if I can't for some reason, it'll have to be early next year.


This may be the first time I've done a Mexico trip by way of Monterrey (NL) instead of Monclova (Coah) since 2014.  However, I do not plan on taking I-35 through Fort Worth.  Instead, I plan to take an extra hour and do this route to Cotulla (TX).

1.  I'm seriously considering the OKC bypass that people on here have suggested:  Kilpatrick Turnpike to Sara Road.  Is there still a lot of road construction on Sara Road?

2.  The 301-mile stretch from Abilene to Dilley will be all new mileage for me.  In that part of Texas, I've never ventured between US-277 and I-35.

3.  On the Mexican side, this will be the first time I've driven the new toll road south of the old km-26 checkpoint (just south of Nuevo Laredo, down to the cuota/libre split at km-146).  I transited the northbound lanes by bus back in March of this year, but this will be my first time by car.

4.  One last stretch of new mileage will be this, from Fed-85 to NL-40D.  The reason for going to Monterrey on this trip is that part of our group will be flying into MTY, and the rest of us will meet up with them there.  I flew into MTY back in March, but we had lunch in the old town part of Monterrey before heading west, so we took NL-40D south from the airport that day.

Still unsure if I'll be tagging along with my brother to Arizona and have some days for solo travel while he's hiking down into the Grand Canyon.

And I still need to get up to Point Pleasant to drive the new section of US 35.

Other than that, I don't foresee anything but short day trips in my area for the rest of my life.

I'm hoping we get to visit my sister in CO this summer - we had to cancel last summer. We'd take I-70 one way, I-80 the other.

So far I have two ski trips booked for January:
1) Driving to Stowe, VT (accommodation in Eden). I'll get some new counties and roads in NY, QC, and VT.
2) Flying from Toronto YYZ to SLC to ski at Park City, UT. I may not get any new roads, but that's okay, the skiing should be great!

I haven't booked anything else, but I'd like to do one or two trips to see Indycar/NASCAR this year (I enjoyed my two F1 trips, but the tickets are more expensive and don't seem worth the extra markup). I also plan on seeing Indycar in Toronto, but that's too close to count as a road trip.


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