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Plutonic Panda:
Again, another thread for smaller highway projects but specifically relating to the OKC Metro and surrounding area.

OTA has a plan to further complete the Kilpatrick/Hefner Interchange in 2018.

Kilpatrick LHP Direct Connects Kilpatrick Tpk 2018 $20,800,000 $350,000 $500,000 $21,650,000

Plutonic Panda:
I-44/I-35 interchange is getting completely rebuilt starting in 2019. I-35 will be mainlined and six lanes through the interchange. I-44 will be 8 lanes from the interchange to MLK Blvd. Each ramp should have 2 lanes each way and will be direct connect flyovers.

There were two alternatives. I emailed ODOT and they told me they selected alternative 2.

Here are the meeting materials from ODOT:

Plutonic Panda:
Waterloo Rd. and I-35 will become the site of the first DDI(Diverging Diamond Interchange) in Oklahoma.

They have officially selected the DDI and will begin construction in 2021 as currently planned.

Meeting materials here:

Plutonic Panda:
ODOT is considering several different types of interchanges for I-40/I-40B interchange in Clinton. Several interesting interchanges which include a round-a-bout, rotary oval, DDI, SPUI, and a few others. Construction won't begin for awhile on this as ROW and utilities isn't even scheduled until 2023 with actual construction not even in the 8 year plan.

They can be viewed here:

PluPan, I should never have told you about this board  :bigass:

Seriously, glad to see you mining the recesses of the ODOT website for true nuggets of good information.


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