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At-grade intersections on Interstates in Texas

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quote from Anthony_JK:

--- Quote ---If you are going to build a freeway, build a FREEWAY....not a half-ass "temporary" facility.

--- End quote ---

amen. thank you. Half-assed temporary facilities are unsafe.

Yes.  The reason that they wanted an Interstate shield instead of a state route was the prestige that comes with a limited access route!  If you didn't want to actually build a limited-access route, make it a state route.

Considering that Texas have a $15bn surplus, I would think they would be able to afford a few million just to build frontage roads, an occasional overpass, and even an occasional interchange along the I-10 in Hudspeth and Jeff Davis Counties - or failing that at least an occasional turn lane and a flashing TRAFFIC APPROACHING sign like there are at a number of Missouri interchanges for those dirt tracks branching off the I-10.

Better to spend those millions where it will actually have an impact on safety or traffic flow. There just isn't enough volume on the driveways or freeways to make it worth the effort to go back and close off access on I-10/I-40. It's not like you're going to randomly come upon a truck that just made the turn either, all of them are in areas with flat terrain and miles of visibility, and the people who use them are smart enough to not play chicken with semis doing 80.


--- Quote from: Bobby5280 on May 05, 2015, 04:45:02 PM ---At grade right/left turns & at grade traffic crossing should not be happening on an Interstate highway, especially one with the high speeds I-10 has in West Texas. There are no turn lanes for acceleration or deceleration at those intersections. Traffic has to slow down from going 80mph or faster down to nothing to make any of those turns. From what I've seen via Street View in Google Earth those intersections are poorly signed.

The other danger is the element of surprise to motorists, cruising along at 80mph not expecting any at grade turns with possible crossing or turning traffic. Plenty of drivers are distracted and inattentive. On a very long drive, like the trek between El Paso and San Antonio one can get a little hypnotized by both the length and desolation of the trip. They might not be perfectly ready to have to suddenly hit the breaks for cars ahead slowing to make a right or left turn, or other drivers turning onto the road in front of them.

I think the short stretches of frontage roads for at grade right turns and no crossing traffic across Interstate lanes is a good alternative. It's not going to hurt a rural farmer or oil field work to drive a mile or two down the road to the next bridge to get across to the other side of the highway.

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What's the traffic like on that part of I-10?  I imagine it's easily a LOS A facility.  If a farm truck slows down to turn off the freeway ahead of you, just change lanes to pass.  You probably won't even have to disengage your cruise control.


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