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What did 1920s era highway markers look like? Oldest I can find pictures of is the 1938 spec.


Here is Interstate Kyles Tour of I-5 to Blane,WA


--- Quote from: Mdcastle on September 22, 2021, 06:56:25 PM ---What did 1920s era highway markers look like? Oldest I can find pictures of is the 1938 spec.

--- End quote ---

I've been pondering this post since you shared it. I've been searching various image archives that I'm familiar with but have not found anything that old. I'm not 100% sure anything was signed before the late 30s. But if I ever come across anything, I'll be sure to share it.

There is this rather neat image of South Tacoma Way from 1939 showing a US-99 and US-410 shield. I cannot find any old PSH, SSH, or State Road shield imagery anywhere, even from the 1930s.

South Tacoma Way, 1939 by Jacob Root, on Flickr

While trawling through the Revised Code of Washington (as one does on a Monday evening), I stumbled across some weird laws on the books regarding approach highways to the UW and WSU main campuses:

RCW 47.20.590 authorized the creation of a highway approach to the UW campus from Roosevelt Way to 15th Avenue NE (a short distance in the U District), complete with "an underpass beneath the surface of Roosevelt Way, and necessary approaches to the underpass". Obviously this was never built, but it was written into law in 1945 and remained on the books through several revisions, as recently as 1984.

The section also has some nice information about the SR 109 extension that was never built, which was authorized in the 1980s long after the first protests shot it down. A famous 1958 protest included sitting US Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, who hiked a 22-mile section of the coastline to protest the highway (which was apparently to be US 101?).

The toll section also has a brief description of how the numbering for the Puget Sound Gateway might work with SR 509 Spur running from the new I-5 / SR 167 in Fife to SR 509.

Is that when Campus Parkway was built?  It does make a quicker connection from Roosevelt to 15th Ave. than most other streets, with fewer intersections, and it does have an underpass to get to the southbound side of Roosevelt.


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