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Drivers don't just suddenly "go bad" at a single location.

I'm out of state, so granted I haven't driven it but in my humble opinion, this is more a situation of poor construction staging failing to account for how universally terrible drivers always are.

Hey if UDOT enjoys criticizing Utahns, great.  Not the PR strategy I would have chosen, personally.

KSL reports that I-15 in Lehi will be restriped using "contrast striping," with more to come throughout the state:

--- Quote ---Utah transportation crews are set to address one of the main complaints they've heard from I-15 drivers passing through the Point of the Mountain in recent years: the painted lane stripes.

Beginning Sunday night, Utah Department of Transportation crews will repaint the stripes with what's known as "contrast striping" in each direction from the Point of Mountain to Main Street in Lehi. From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sundays through Fridays throughout October, crews will close up to four freeway lanes in each direction to accomplish this, according to UDOT spokesman John Gleason.

... Gleason explained the current stripes can be difficult to see beginning around fall and continuing into winter because the lower angle of the sun, and then snowstorms can make visibility "more challenging." That's a problem because close to 200,000 vehicles use that section of road daily.

Contrast striping is a new method of lane striping that UDOT officials feel can help with those issues. Gleason said they tested it on the freeway from about 9000 South to the Bangerter Highway in Salt Lake County and they've received mostly positive feedback since. It's why they plan to expand the process in Lehi and then other parts of the state in the next year.

--- End quote ---

Makes me wonder if that's just the age-old practice in other states of painting a dark stripe along with the white one.

Sure seems to be; especially on new concrete pavement.

US 89:
If this is the case, it's not a new development. UDOT has been putting black stripes alongside the primary white ones in some capacity at least since the early-2000s Olympics reconstruction (example). I've never seen this white-on-black look on asphalt, and I'm pretty sure it is mostly restricted to concrete freeways.

What I'd like to see, though I'm not holding my breath, is a black stripe behind the main white one (example from Atlanta). In my experience, this is more visible in any sort of weather but especially when it's raining.


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