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La Crosse and Winona - August 22, 2019

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Where: Lunch Venue - Pettibone Park Shelter (street view - zoom out for map - food choice left up to the attendee to get take-out.
When: 11:00 AM Sat Aug 22.  Group tour planned to start between Noon and 12:30.

Major Features of interest include:
* the Winona Bridge (MN-43/WIS-54) is under construction and access is restricted - the new bridge is open, but the old bridge is being rehabbed) - access under on the west side (bike path) is blocked, I'm going to check out the island side once the lousy smarch weather stops.
* Winona Historic Waggon Bridge
* the I-90 bridge (replaced in 2016)
* the Downtown La Crosse Big Blue Bridges (we'll likely start with this set)

Facebook event (Private as usual as I do not believe in Facebook using my events for stats and ads)

Meet Rules for Pandemic management
* Social Distancing is required - car pooling is at your own risk but if pooling I stronly encourage use of masks by driver/passengers.  Remember, the mask is to protect each other. I will not be pooling.  Mark and Brandon's meet photos are what to expect of ours.  I will provide my cell phone number to drivers prior to the tour in case of any wrong turns.
* I will not be sharing my tri-pod for the group photo.  What others do is up to them.
* Many private business are mandating face coverings and Minnesota is doing so on a state-wide level for indoor activity.  Basically any time you cannot maintain distance (This include car pooling) you should be wearing a mask.

For those coming from states with quarantine rules, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota have hotspots. If you do not feel comfortable with it, I understand and respect your wishes.

A.J. Bertin:
I'll definitely be there.  I think you mean 2020 rather than 2019 though.  ;)

Oh man!  So much going on in the Midwest this year.  I'll need to choose which meets to go to wisely.

Iíll have to pass on this one as I donít see myself heading out that way anytime soon, particularly with the COVID. Next year at OBX or in 2022 is more than likely at this point.

I am definitely interested, spent a night in downtown La Crosse back in 2017 and would've loved to explore the area more. The past two years, this has been the time of year I have made my annual summer trip to OKC. But this is far enough out where I may be able to move things around for this meet. :D


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