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Ohio: Findlay-Toledo Corridor Meet -- Late Spring/Early Summer 2021?

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Hot Rod Hootenanny:

--- Quote from: wanderer2575 on May 06, 2021, 05:45:36 PM ---I am definitely interested, and for the most part any spring/summer Saturday would work for me. 

I drove down to Findlay about a month ago for sign photos, and around part of the Toledo/Perrysburg area last weekend.  Was happy to see that the signage for the new interchange at OH-15/US-68 is much better than was shown on the original signing concept, including an actual END US-68 assembly.  The final section of reconstruction/realignment of I-75 in Toledo (between downtown and Wales Road) is well under way, including new bridges over the Maumee River.  And there's yet another project of some kind on I-475/US-23.

--- End quote ---

Just spoke with Dan. Big changes for roadmeet schedule & location...


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