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Puget Sound Gateway Program (WA-167 and WA-509 Extensions)

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Plutonic Panda:
Progress is being made on the SR-167 project:

--- Quote --- The new bridge and nearby roundabout to SR 99 being constructed by Guy F. Atkinson crews are essential steps for the SR 167 Completion Project, which will build 6 mi. of highway and complete the unfinished SR 167 corridor near Tacoma.

The SR 167 Completion Project is part of the estimated $2 billion Puget Sound Gateway Program that includes the SR 509 Completion Project near Seattle. Both projects complete two crucial unfinished links in Washington State's highway and freight network.
--- End quote ---

Full article which is free and photos here:

When I posted the old SR 509 plans on the Never Built thread, CompDude mentioned that you could see the undeveloped path of the freeway on Google Satellite View.  I noticed that on the overlay of current streets I could see SR 99 was swinging out of the way where 509 is going to cross under it, so that meant they were working on the undercrossing.  They are building Link Light Rail along here too, which is crossing above 99 while the new freeway is crossing  under.  These posts you see here are the only new supports put up around here.  The path a few blocks behind the photo to the end of the line is still unpopulated.  They're also digging a trench along I-5 to the south, but I don't know if that's for this freeway yet or just for the light rail.

A new video of the conceptual design of "SR 509 Spur" between I-5 and the Port of Tacoma:

One of the interchanges looks to be a single-point urban roundabout, which looks fun.

New shared-use path to walk, bike, roll by Washington State Dept of Transportation, on Flickr


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