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2021 Delaware Road Meet [ONLINE EVENT] - March 20, 2021

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I am pleased to announce the 2021 Delaware Road Meet, an exclusive online event set to take place on Saturday, March 20, beginning at 12:00 PM ET.

As this is a *live* online event, there will not be an in-person gathering of any kind and we will not be physically present together in Delaware at any time. That said, our topics of discussion will include the roads/bridges in The First State as well as the state's history and the development of its road/highway system (past, present, and future). Along with our Webinar/Virtual Tour presentation style and personalities from all across the road enthusiast community, my team and I will be bringing you everything you need/want to know about our favorite subjects while incorporating guests from across the community as the day progresses.

The YouTube link for our live online gathering can found below. Like most meets, this event will begin at 12:00 local time (ET in this case) and will run as long as necessary. We encourage you to BYOL and join us in the live chat and enjoy the experience!


Iím looking forward to this. Will we be staying around Wilmington or traveling through the whole state? What sites can I look forward to visiting virtually?

Great question, should probably post some kind of meet "iteneary" here. I think this covers all the key points:

The majority of what we'll be covering will be confined to New Castle County, but there will be other landmarks we touch on south of Dover, such as the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Woodland Ferry, Indian River Inlet Bridge, and Fenwick Island Lighthouse.

North of Dover, here's a list of items you can expect to see:
How Delaware got its shape - The 12 Mile Circle, The Wedge, The Tangent Line, and the Transpeninsular Line
Ebright Azimuth - Delaware's highest point
Interstates 95, 295, 495
Delaware Turnpike: History, Shunpiking, and Service Plaza
Delaware Memorial Bridge
"Restore the Corridor" construction project along I-95 through downtown Wilmington, including Phase 1 contraflow traffic pattern
"Best Of" Aerial photography of Wilmington road/cityscapes
Bridges of the Christina River (Wilmington)
Bridges of the Brandywine River (Wilmington)
Wilmington Neighborhood Tours - locations TBD
Christiana Mall Road signage
US 13, 113, 40, 202 overviews
Route 141 freeway & construction in Newport
Route 1 Tollway overview
Route 301 Tollway overview & construction history (including my footage of a drive I took prior to opening)
Covered Bridges of Delaware
Bridges of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal
Dan's drawings for a fictional Delaware Bay Crossing
Misc. State Highways of New Castle County

YAYYYYY that itinerary looks amazing!!! I will virtually be in attendance!!!

I think it would be worth considering taking a few minutes to discuss the DE 24 corridor.  I recently attended the virtual meeting on the corridor, and I drove through the ongoing construction around the intersection with DE 1D while finishing my clinch of DE 1 Saturday.  I can send an email summary of my notes if you would like.

The big news from that meeting was that DE 24 is currently planned to be widened to five lanes east of Love Creek Elementary School, and that the North Millsboro Bypass is planned to start construction in 2023 with ROW acquisition already being underway.

I presume that we will discuss US 9/DE 404 in conjunction with the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.  I drove US 50 EB earlier in the day to Ocean City, and I was surprised at how much traffic was turning onto MD 404 EB (in March I might add).


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