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--- Quote from: thisdj78 on July 23, 2021, 12:49:28 AM ---
--- Quote from: TheBox on July 22, 2021, 10:11:54 PM ---Whenever they start working on this "Alvin Freeway (or Tollway)", which will be over Mywaka Rd for a good portion of it.
Are they just gonna pull a US-90 Alt/S. Main (between I-610 and S Gessner), or are they gonna pull a I-610/West Loop over the Post Oak Roads (between S. Post Oak and the Galleria area)?

i'm leaning more towards the former, cause it looks like there's not much space on Mykawa Rd, at least to me

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Thereís enough space, they probably will run the train tracks down the median like MOPAC freeway in Austin, which isnít a very wide freeway but yet they still managed to add two new toll lanes 6+ years ago.

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Yes. There are 200 ft available on the corridor. With Mykawa as the feeders (44 ft) and the rail corridor subtracted (36 ft), that leaves 120 ft available for mainlanes. Three 12 ft lanes per side (72 ft) gives you 48 ft to work with for everything else.


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