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Hello Everyone from Central Kentucky.

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Life in Paradise:
Welcome from the other side of the Ohio River!


--- Quote from: XamotCGC on June 30, 2021, 02:42:01 AM ---Hello Everyone from Kentucky,
I'm a road geek that enjoys road maps (old and new), road trips, looking at old pictures of highways, and building models of cities and highways using legos and hot wheels.  I also enjoy playing SimCity 4.  The Bluegrass Parkway and I 65 are my favorite highways in Kentucky.

With the ongoing widening of the KY 55/US 68 in my area, as the part of the Heartland Parkway Project.  I'm currently doing research finding information on past history of major road projects done in my area.

--- End quote ---

My understanding of that project is that they are making sections of it a "2+1" configuration, similar to what was done on KY 90 in eastern Wayne County, a few years back. Adding passing lanes but not necessarily on the hills. IIRC there are already long passing lanes on the uphill sections near the Marion-Taylor county line.

Welcome from sunny SoCal

Greetings from Kentucky (and West Virginia, and New York)!


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