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--- Quote from: paulthemapguy on July 15, 2021, 11:33:20 AM ---Clearview:  The new font that some roadway agencies have adopted; other agencies go back and forth on using it on roadway signage Comic Sans of highway fonts.

--- End quote ---
FTFY  :bigass:

Max Rockatansky:
Gross:  A descriptor applied to anything not related to Virginia Oblast.

Oblast:  An Alanlandian equivalent to a State. 

Vegan:  What people from Virginia Oblast use to describe anything from California. 

Goat Jesus:  Our lord and savior who not only loves you but hates you as well.

NIMBYs Any opponents to any highway project for any reason whatsoever

Craig County bad Hyperbole, as the bar is so low that every other sign you can think of is above it

Raise the gas tax My fictional idea cannot be done in the real world   or    I don't understand politics

Clearview A sign font that deserves far less hate than I'm about to dump on it

IDiOT An agency not much worse than many others, but it's fun to be snarky

Viatology/viatologist:  Made up words for road-geekery, used by only one person in the world.

Don't read the 2020 Olympics thread. Or do, at your own risk.


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