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Have you ever been on television?

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Inspired by kphoger's lament that he had no place to post his family's television appearance after one of the c0v1d threads got locked. I thought there was an existing thread for "roadgeeks on TV" but have had no luck finding it.

Post narratives about any television appearances you may have had here, along with links.

I'll refrain from posting every link every time I get interviewed for my job. Ken Jennings (if he's still here) is also excused from posting Jeopardy appearance links.  :-D

Max Rockatansky:
I was briefly interviewed by a station in Lansing when our neighborhood flooded in 1998.  Why they would care what a 15 year old had to say I have no idea.

More interestingly my Dad did a spot for Prodigy Online and Regis & Kathie Lee.  He demonstrated how you could order merchandise from Sears and it would be delivered to you.  They even had a Sears van pull onto the set at some point.

On channel 12 (WCTI) I'm sure. I graduated from a program called ProjectSEARCH and I don't know if the video is on youtube but i can find it.

I have no links, but as a kid I was on some show about animals and science and got to go to the zoo and read some scripted lines.  More recently, the hotel in which the restaurant I ran was opening our rooftop pool bar, so I got to go on the morning show of Fox 31 and make a cocktail for the anchors.


I once had the privilege of sitting directly behind home plate at a Cubs game. So, I was on TV, even if I wasn't the focus of the camera.


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