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GAO in 1970: I-180 in Illinois Should Not Have Been Approved

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Apologies if this is on the forum somewhere but I searched around and found nothing, plus Interstate Guide doesn't have this either...

In 1970, the GAO looked into the approval of several interstate segments outside the traditional scoring process.

Only I-180 was judged to fail the smell test.

Shows Illinois wanted to make this part of I-55 (using current I-155 plus more freeway).  Nobody else was on board...

I-180 hate is justified and government approved!

The Ghostbuster:
Would a two-lane highway along the 180 corridor have been sufficient? Or should there have been no road at all?

(Correct me if I'm wrong about any of this) I'm pretty sure it was made for a steel mill... which closed shortly after it was built. Even if the steel mill was still open, it probably wouldn't of had enough traffic to support an interstate anyway though. There's also a big interchange with Highway 29, which was also a big waste. I think I remember hearing that they wanted to tear it down a few years ago, but it seems like that fell through. So overall just a big waste of money that could have gone to funding much more important interstates.

Itís a fun road to drive though.

And it's a fascinating creature for road geeks and Illinois politics.
I had wanted to do a 180 thread so thanks. It also fits well with Illinois Freeway history.
The report mentions the first routing of 39. It went by Dixon then right through the steel  plant to what is now 155 and down 121 to Decatur.

The more well known supplemental freeway system that included a 180 extension was a cover from Illinois to FHWA to avoid the above report.

Illinois tried to use it for the CKC but it would only save 10 miles off the current route.
The Peoria Chicago study found it longer than 74 55.
IDOT came up with a local justification in 2009 but all they have is the EIS on the website
Oh well it's endless gun for road geeks.


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