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Child routes which still connect to a disbanded parent

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Max Rockatansky:
Example; US Route 199 touches what was once itís parent US Route 99 (now Oregon Route 99) in Grants Pass.  A lot of these highways (mostly US Routes) have come up in recent threads, what other examples are out there?

US 166

US 89:
US 138 still ends at US 6 (former US 38) in Sterling, CO.

US 180 basically intersects several times with former alignments of US 80, though its eastern terminus is not too far from the current western terminus of US 80 in the Metroplex.

In California, Route 330 (itself former Route 30) intersects what used to be Route 30, now Route 210 near Highland.  Route 107 intersects I-405 (former Route 7).

--- Quote from: SkyPesos on September 26, 2021, 11:26:23 PM ---US 166

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I have a photo of that exact junction from my August roadtrip!
DSC_6951 by csampang, on Flickr

What about US 310? US 10 still exists, but not in Montana.


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