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Author Topic: US-131 @ exit 68 (Dorr exit) car flies over overpass! (video)  (Read 1094 times)

Terry Shea

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Re: US-131 @ exit 68 (Dorr exit) car flies over overpass! (video)
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2022, 04:55:59 PM »

It's kind of an awkward spot, as US-131 curves left just as one approaches the overpass. There used to be a flashing warning light at the top of the SBD off-ramp (before they replaced the overpass) that would confuse people at night, as it initially appears US-131 has to stop.

It's fortunate for the drunk driver and other motorists that he cleared the overpass and nobody happened to be crossing over US-131 at that moment.


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