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Actually the 500 k number is a SWADT (Summer Average Weekday Traffic) It should be noted that the AADT is lower. You need the AADT to compare with other freeways throughout the world. It's still the busiest though, the 401 has 426,000 and the next one's LA's I-405 with 390,000

I believe the highest ever recorded number of cars traveling on the 401 was about 625,000 in a single day in a section of Toronto.  Pretty insane eh?  The AADTs are also impressive.

Will any of the 400-series freeway expansion be completed before 2009 is over? Got a timeline for any of the expansion?

treichard: Not too sure, I'll check and see.

Ok, I'm done a new section on the first page.  :D

New page?  Time for a new picture!


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