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Off-Topic / Re: Things you bought for your...
Last post by GCrites - Today at 10:31:57 PM
A 1/5th scale R/C HPI 5B buggy. Except I wasn't a kid when I wanted one -- I was 30. I bought it when I was 44. I was preparing to start a business at the time and $1000+ for an R/C car wasn't in the budget.
Off-Topic / Re: Minor things that bother y...
Last post by webny99 - Today at 10:09:25 PM
Quote from: bm7 on Today at 03:31:52 PMIsn't driving on hilly roads sometimes actually more efficient? If you don't have to use the accelerator at all going down a hill, it makes up for the extra gas used uphill.

Possibly, although downhill is more fuel-efficient and uphill less, so it should pretty much cancel out in the end. But the mechanics of fuel-efficiency don't absolve Google here: the issue is that their description of fuel-efficient routes is simply inaccurate. They may have correctly identified a route as more fuel-efficient, but it's misleading to suggest that route will have fewer hills when that's rarely the case in practice. And ditto for "less traffic" and "constant speeds".
Off-Topic / Re: Minor things that bother y...
Last post by Scott5114 - Today at 10:00:39 PM
Quote from: Max Rockatansky on Today at 08:27:40 PMJust randos who don't even follow our page regarding Road 612 in Madera County, California.  Basically a 7.6 mile nothing winding dirt mountain road that doesn't have much significance beyond it being a fun drive.

I am kind of surprised that they don't realize that, when deciding on a fun recreational destination, the market for "winding dirt mountain road" is probably composed entirely of you. Even the majority of roadgeeks will probably pass on it unless it has a state highway shield on it.
Off-Topic / Re: Things you bought for your...
Last post by Rothman - Today at 10:00:33 PM
Quote from: SectorZ on Today at 08:24:47 PM
Quote from: Rothman on July 20, 2024, 08:40:04 PMJust spent $20 at Funspot in Laconia, NH.  Beyond my wildest dreams to spend that much at an arcade when I was a young kid.

$20 lasts a whole day there depending on how you spend it.

Lasted me 3 hours.
Sports / Re: NASCAR
Last post by 74/171FAN - Today at 09:43:32 PM
I should just be happy my driver did not DNF this week.
Off-Topic / Re: Former McDonald's stands
Last post by GCrites - Today at 09:26:47 PM
If the holdouts were all in New Jersey it was probably one franchisee refusing to be bullied to spend millions of dollars to build a bunch of generic-looking ones.
Off-Topic / Re: Things you bought for your...
Last post by Max Rockatansky - Today at 09:22:35 PM
I got pretty adept at playing platform games using typing position.  I used the directional keys for movement but my NES emulator set up was:

Select:  A
Start:  S
B:  D
A:  F
^^^ with that attitude, you're certainly correct.
General Highway Talk / Re: Shortest US Highway Non-Ma...
Last post by bugo - Today at 09:19:23 PM
Quote from: hbelkins on March 22, 2024, 08:25:18 PMThere's a short US 67S that forks off the US 62/US 67 concurrency in Arkansas that's fully posted.

Where is this exactly? There are two US 67Bs along the 62/67 piggyback, one at Biggers and one at Datto, but I don't know of any US 67Ss along that path. There is a fully signed US 67Y at Walnut Ridge, which is a connector between US 67 and AR 34:

US Highway 67Y on Google Maps
Northeast / Re: Massachusetts
Last post by fwydriver405 - Today at 09:13:55 PM
Quote from: Ted$8roadFan on Today at 09:00:40 PMI thought the speed limit in the US-3 freeway was 60. Or is it MA-3 south of Boston?

The current 60mph limit is on MA Route 3 south of Boston, from near Exit 40 (Union St) to the US Route 6 interchange just before the Sagamore Bridge.

Although, I think US Route 3 (Burlington - Tyngsborough) used to have a 60 limit too prior to the 1973 NMSL, raised from 55, though the only source I could find was about this article about the low speed limit on US Route 3.

Quote from: Warning: Pay No Attention To This Message - National Motorists Association BlogThe speed limit on Route 3 is 55. The speed limit used to be 60. It was raised to 60 over 40 years ago when a study found 55 was too slow. There was never an engineering study supporting a reduction back to 55. It was reduced by executive order in 1973 to comply with the national speed limit. When the national speed limit was repealed in 1995 the highway commissioner ordered the low limit retained because he was afraid the state would be sued or otherwise embarrassed.

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