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Need a New 10,000+ Rank Marker

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I never thought I'd get to 10,000 posts and now I have that stupid rank marker.  It'd be better if it was road related.

Max Rockatansky:
Roman Road?

Here's my attempt at this, kind of like a progression from your home as you embark on a cross-country trip:

1-2 Driveway
3-9 Cul-de-sac
10-24 Local street
25-49 Collector
50-99 Arterial
100-249 Main street
250-499 County road
500-999 State highway
1000-2499 US highway
2500-4999 Expressway
5000-9999 Turnpike
10000-14999 Freeway
15000- 19999 Interstate
20000+ Likes the forum way, way too much

Max Rockatansky:
If you listen to a particular sect of road cultists the top rank here ought to be Beaver Nuggets.  :rolleyes:

On a more serious side, Forest Service Road seems like a layup ranking that wasn’t utilized.

Why aren't I-366 and the Hypotenuse in the list?


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