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--- Quote from: compdude787 on June 11, 2022, 04:08:47 PM ---If there's so much oncoming traffic that it's not safe to even turn left, then it makes sense to get rid of the flashing yellow arrow.

--- End quote ---
But that's the issue... They aren't doing a study to see if there really is too much oncoming traffic causing insufficient gaps, they're just turning the FYAs off during the peak period.

Guess it was windy in Vegas yesterday...

A traffic signal was knocked down in Flamingo Rd at Fort Apache Dr in southwest Las Vegas.

From the Vegas ABC affiliate:

Seems a bit weird that wind would knock down a signal mast. They're usually built to withstand higher sustained winds than you typically see in Vegas. Makes me think there was a structural defect or something else that contributed.

Looking at the twitter pictures in that article, it would appear that it was the bolts holding the mast arm to the base that failed, since the picture shows the pole being tipped over, but both it and the foundation are in-tact.

The interchange at US 395 & Lemmon Drive in the north valleys of Reno has been under construction to convert it from a standard diamond to Nevada's newest DDI, as part of a Washoe County RTC capacity improvement project on Lemmon Drive North of the interchange. The DDI conversion aspect of the project is now complete, per a recent RTC Facebook post.

Since the predominant movements are to/from Lemmon Drive to the north and US 395 to the south, it's a prime location for a DDI.

Here is a good scenic drive on Pyramid Lake.



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