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Minor things that bother you

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For me, it bugs me that Hershey's chocolate and Hershey's ice cream are run by two completely different companies, especially with both being in such close proximity to each other.

When drivers sit in two lanes taking up space that could have been used, by 4 cars.

Its worse then a 1950’s garage filled with junk


Max Rockatansky:
I'm pretty introverted in day to day life which translates into a lot of annoyances/pet-peeves:

Any of the following at the gym:

-  Sitting on weight benches and texting on the phone.
-  Stopping to talk to everyone and calling them "hey bro."
-  No racking weights or putting them in the wrong place.
-  Clanking machines.
-  "Popular" music stations way too loud on the overhead.

Usually I go lift at least four times a week so stuff tends to grind on the nerves after twenty years.

With work:

-  Small talk and/or water cooler talk.
-  Complaining about minor issues like not getting along 100% with co-workers or some bizarre far fetched safety issue.
-  Meetings, especially when people feel the need to expound on something that pertains only to them for a lengthy amount of time.
-  Conference calls, I can't understand why group emails or one-on-one calls aren't sufficient?

General life

-  I'm just not a fan of small talk.  I don't feel the need to talk constantly with people I know just as with employees and/or co-workers.
-  Staying too late at functions with friends or family gatherings.
-  Long lines at the store, places to eat, movies or really anything else.

People who use @here on Slack

The noisy, whiny, frenetic way TunnelBlick deals with what should be a simple, invisible task

Songs with the I - V - vi - IV chord progression

BGSes in the Goiden State

1950’s garages filled with junk

At a pair of doors, when people will wait for someone leaving the building to open the exit door and sneak through there instead of opening the entrance door themselves.


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