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Changing one letter of a thread title

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In the "threads you'll never see" thread that was locked, I suggested two:
AK 2 extension to Rome (was originally Nome)
Signs that should be overheated (was originally overheaded)

Here are some more recent threads that have had one letter (or digit) changed. Most of them are a letter replacement, but additions and deletions are also valid.

1-2-3 Route number Addiction Game
Green flappy things
Smell mile marker signs
Most beautiful GSP images?
Why Flying Cow Trucks Never Took Off

Tunneling with Heart

What do we think of The Boeing Company?
Our Highways are NOW crumbling
Funkiest street names
What would be the Route 666 of the East?
Adding Zero to Route Numbers
NBC Roads
Next NEW project as big as RI 10/US 6
Why did MA 116 get turned into a freeway?
I-93 Lego signs
Decommissioning/ Truncating US routes in US because why not.
Moderna Auto Trails

The real I-420
Highway Finding Idea
Let's "Nix" Control City Signage
Eliminating the duplicate 3-digit Interstates
Fixing the Bad Area
How would you fix the BS highway system?
'Sesame Street' traps
Sheep Music
Roadgeek Mimes
Hoodie fun
Countries that almost had different names
Anyone here into fight simulators?
Your Favorite AARoads Threats
Gum halls
Train details in Arizona
Everyone knows mold is bad
General NRA thread

Do you have any of your own?

Max Rockatansky:
Sorry Spate of Affairs in Automobilia in the 1970s, 80s and 90s

Minor thongs that bother you

Constipation: FritzOwl in one thread

Hanging one letter of a thread title. How meta.


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