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2022 Christmas Radio Stations Thread

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It's that time of year again...

If your local station hasn't done so already, it'll start playing nonstop Christmas music all the way up to midnight on December 26, if not beyond that. This means that KSWD and KRWM in Seattle, as well as WLIT in Chicago, are in 24/7 Christmas mode. What stations in your area are currently playing the holiday favorites, or will flip to All-Christmas soon?

In my area: 106.7 (Boston, Audacity Audacy) and 96.1 (Worcester, iHateRadio IHeartRadio). I can get both stations. However, I preferred 104.9 (Topsfield, smaller range), which has been bought out and is an entirely different station now. 104.9 had a much larger variety, some of which were just less well known songs, but others of which were songs from the movies that typical stations have no reason not to play, e.g. We Are Santa's Elves from the Rudolph movie. 104.9 was also independent and not owned by either of the two radio conglomerations mentioned above.

IIRC, 106.7 played Christmas music well before Halloween, which the normal start date.

In Providence, RI, Lite Rock 105.1, WWLI-FM (signal reaches into Massachusetts) is another all-Christmas music station. Given the relatively small number of RI radio stations, it’s really noticeable.

US 89:
FM 100.3 was always the Christmas standard in Salt Lake.


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