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Mid-South / Re: I-57 Approved
Last post by Road Hog - Today at 06:15:08 PM
The road actually veers right northbound (left southbound) north of Exit 19.

But Jax is the limiting factor here in getting a shield posted, and I wouldn't post one till it's done.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Wilshire Boulevard in MacA...
Last post by cahwyguy - Today at 06:14:54 PM
Adding a bit of perspective: We're talking about 1/2 mile here. Not an entire freeway. Not a large segment of road.

They also appear to be talking about removing the road in that stretch. Translation: Turn it back into planted green space, vs. heat-reflective asphalt. So although there is a tunnel that connects the two parts, green space is different. Green space is also safer than a tunnel for people using it.

As for the inconvenience: People do get used to it, for short segments. They did a road diet on Wilbur near me, adding bike lanes and removing a lane. People bitched and moaned for about a year, and now everyone is used to it. People will get used to it, and those that need to make time will use other streets, notably 3rd, 6th, 7th, Olympic (which used to be the state highway), and Beverly.
Traffic Control / Re: Poor Sign Placement
Last post by LilianaUwU - Today at 06:02:00 PM
Related, this no parking sign hasn't been removed when Rue Lalemant and Rue du Prince-Édouard were redone. (If I'm not mistaken, it's gone now.)

Not much of a street to not park on - 1 by Liliana Vess, on Flickr
Traffic Control / Re: Poor Sign Placement
Last post by wanderer2575 - Today at 05:50:25 PM
Similarly (but not nearly as dramatic), a loop ramp a couple miles from my home was realigned last year to incorporate a 90-degree turn from the road but the "Motor Vehicles Only" sign where the ramp used to be hasn't been removed.
Off-Topic / Re: Actress Shannen Doherty di...
Last post by roadman65 - Today at 05:42:36 PM
Wow, another celebrity died. It seems this past month we've been losing plenty. Sad news. May she rest in peace.
Off-Topic / Re: Actress Shannen Doherty di...
Last post by Max Rockatansky - Today at 05:38:15 PM
Quote from: vdeane on Today at 04:26:09 PM
Quote from: Max Rockatansky on Today at 03:32:37 PMTo be fair to snowc, he has hardly been alone posting news about the deaths of celebrities.  I feel as though the phenomenon of posting celebrity deaths is just one of many real-world news stories, I would otherwise not have exposure to.  Of course, always terrible when famous people die...I just don't see how it affects me.
True.  It just seems like he's been doing that a lot the past few days.  Granted, I probably notice more than I would with others because his avatar is a close-up of his face, which stands out for me because I don't like staring at people's faces (to the point where I'll rest my work email in Outlook on messages from people who don't have a profile picture set and avoid doing so on those who have added their face to their Outlook profile, as management encouraged during the pandemic to make email "more personal").

The profile pic is a little awkward.  But then again, it isn't too far out of line for I usually see on Facebook road groups.
Off-Topic / Re: Actress Shannen Doherty di...
Last post by TheHighwayMan3561 - Today at 05:34:39 PM
Quote from: 1995hoo on Today at 03:55:46 PMAnother forum to which I belong deals with the issue of celebrity-death clutter by having a thread called "Deaths of famous people (####)," where #### denotes the year. The moderators lock it a day or two after the year ends.

A forum I moderate for formerly had those, but things started to get out of hand because the idea of a notable death is also in the eye of the beholder (such as if a famous news anchor in City A dies, that may mean a lot to someone from City A, but has zero meaning to anyone with no ties to City A), and those threads were eventually discontinued and disallowed.
Mountain West / Re: I-270 Denver metro project...
Last post by Plutonic Panda - Today at 05:34:15 PM
Just widen it to four lanes each way jeeze
Off-Topic / Re: Target no longer accepting...
Last post by Max Rockatansky - Today at 05:29:34 PM
Why would anything said in the last handful of pages lead to a lock?  There isn't anything risqué that has been said in all this talk about retail employment culture.
You can quit the back and forth with me at any time you like. 

All the same, if you insist on putting words in my mouth I'm always going to be game for a retort.  I don't need a moderator to clarify things when you accuse me of things I didn't say. 

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