Utah's Five Counties AoG, UT-9, and "Federal Designation"

Started by Rover_0, May 13, 2010, 02:46:52 PM

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Here's an interesting article from Kanab's Southern Utah News concerning the Five Counties Association of Governments (FCAoG):

(Kane) County airs Concerns with FCAoG

On the 3rd and  4th (and a little on the 5th), there is a mention of proposed changes on UT-9, and what several communities from this allegiance of county governments call ZC-3 (which, by my guess, is Zion Corridor, though I'm at a loss as to exactly why the 3 is there), linking communities.  Of interest to me is the term "Federal Designation," in which more than a few people refer to as a "Federal Route," or US Route.

I've emailed the FCAoG and have not received any response (though it's only been a few hours), but would this be a possible US Route, as it's on the NHS System, or is the term "Federal Designation" more about a Federally Designated Scenic Route?

I'm aware that the states would need to be involved, but it's odd that they mention "proposed changes on the [UT]-9 Route."  What do you make of this?
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Looks more like a national scenic byway designation over a new US route, at least to me.


Yeah, I didn't get the impression it was for a US Route.


Yea, one of the Administrators emailed me back, saying that the moniker to UT-9 wouldn't change.
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