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Most Users Want Android Auto and CarPlay as Standard, Not Willing to Pay Extra

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--- Quote from: tmoore952 on September 29, 2023, 02:38:14 PM ---I still listen to CDs in my 2012 Suburu. I still have a lot of purchased CDs that I've never listened to, and am trying to do so. It takes years (plural) to do this, even if I am continuously actively trying to make progress, since I try to listen to each more than once. Listening to them during part of my daily commutes helps me make progress with this, in a small way. I wouldn't make much progress otherwise, since I don't live alone. Sometimes I have time around bedtime.
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First of all, respect for being a physical media owner. :clap:

So, does your 2012 Suburu have a Bluetooth connection? If so, that you can use that to play back media on your car's audio. You can "rip" your CDs to MP3 files, then transfer the files to a storage area of your phone, and then use a player such as PowerAMP to play the audio from your phone without burning up data minutes. This is what I did in the past until I got unlimited data and set up my media server, thus I can stream my music while I'm traveling or download the albums using PlexAMP.

Android Auto/Apple CarPlay is simply a method to provide a user interface to supported applications on your smartphone. Bluetooth started becoming standard in cars in the late 2000s and can be used to play back audio as well as phone calls, and later versions of the Bluetooth spec has improved the audio quality that was lacking in the early versions.


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