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Mispronunciation that bother you

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Popsicles, the lesser known Greek soldier...


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--- Quote from: kphoger on September 29, 2023, 03:58:25 PM ---To be fair...  How do you pronounce Achilles and Hercules (the Greek heroes)?

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My wife and I both recently read The Song of Achilles. While she pronounces Achilles correctly, she tends to pronounce "Patroclus" with the same ending as "Achilles" (i.e. as if it were spelled "Patrocles"). This makes me wince, although I'm not confident enough in my pronunciation of Greek names to actually bring it up...

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Reminds me of a trip we took to Hawaii where someone explained the pronunciation of Likelike Highway on Oahu (it’s a Hawaiian name, so you pronounce every letter in "Likelike") and then noted that many tourists take it a step too far and don’t recognize that things named Pipeline have English names pronounced like they would be anywhere else.


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