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The forum just turned ten years old! Where has all the time gone?

 on: Today at 12:40:08 AM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by Max Rockatansky
I had a recent find of a largely forgotten early bridge structure along early US 99 at the San Joaquin River in Fresno County, California in Herndon.  The Herndon Bridge was located along what is now Weber Avenue in the Herndon neighborhood of north Fresno.  The Herndon Bridge was original alignment of US 99 before it was shifted to the west on the 1928 San Joaquin River Bridge.  The Herndon Bridge is long gone but the old approach via Weber Avenue offers plenty of evidence of an early Californian Highway.


 on: Today at 12:40:07 AM 
Started by Chris - Last post by Georgia
new exit opens up today on I-85 in Coweta County for Piedmont Newnan Hospital Road

i didnt get any good pics today but i will try and grab some Thursday

 on: Today at 12:36:28 AM 
Started by MantyMadTown - Last post by MantyMadTown
It looks like Interstate 87 is planned along the US 64 corridor from Raleigh to Rocky Mount and Williamston and continue on to Elizabeth City and eventually Norfolk (via US 17). So at least there will be an interstate along the corridor I mentioned.

 on: Today at 12:35:29 AM 
Started by Desert Man - Last post by Bruce
Seattle set a new record high for winter and March. All of this only weeks after one of our largest snowstorms in recent memory.

Combining the sunshine with a lack of real pollution made for some pretty views.

 on: Today at 12:18:57 AM 
Started by hm insulators - Last post by sprjus4
Also a related issue about driving roads before getting a certain designation.  I've driven some asphalt that is now I-11, I-42, I-87(NC) etc but before they received those numbers.  That's OK for me.
All of the examples listed never really got any big changes yet. I don't believe I-42 is designated anywhere yet, though I-11 and I-87 are.

Either way, the same principal applies really for me. If it's an existing freeway upgraded w/ shoulders or something or already interstate standards and has received a designation, it still counts even if I drove it before.

Now the real question is what if a non-limited-access highway is upgraded to interstate standards with new frontage roads, interchanges, etc? Would driving it before the limited-access upgrade count, or would the upgrade change it?

New alignments are separate too for me. If I've driven an arterial highway, but a freeway was built parallel to it as a "bypass" or simply a 4-lane realignment, I don't consider have driven that "freeway" yet if I've not physically driven on it.

 on: Today at 12:09:35 AM 
Started by webny99 - Last post by kevinb1994
Since I live in Amish Country, there are a lot of unique town names to play with. Here's a sample...

Blue Ball

We drove through a couple of them as part of Jasons Central PA Road Meet back in April of 2016, except for Bird-in-Hand, Intercourse, and Fivepointville, which were not on the itinerary route. Driving through Blue Ball and Leacock was quite the experience, no?

 on: March 19, 2019, 11:59:22 PM 
Started by hm insulators - Last post by dlsterner
Roads that you have unclinched.
Believe it or not, it can happen!  I took a vacation to Iceland in 2017 and made an effort to drive and clinch the entire "Ring Road" (Route 1).  A scant two months after my trip, a section was re-routed in the eastern part of the state (near Egilsstair), killing my clinch.  And more recently, another stretch in the northern part (near Akureyri) was also re-routed, due to a tunnel completion.  Sigh.

And I don't foresee another visit in the near future to fix that.

Personally, I don't count realignments as needing to re-clinch a road. As long as I've clinched the section of road between two given points, that section remains clinched no matter if it gets realigned, rebuilt, etc. If it is renumbered, the clinched section counts toward the new designation. The only way I would consider a highway to get "unclinched" is a fully 100%ed route is extended.

I do allow for some leeway with re-alignments - usually approximately "within eyesight".  A realignment say 300 yards from the old road would be fine, or a new bridge built next to the old one.  If it's down a whole new corridor, maybe 10-20 miles apart, that might be different.  Or if it would look "wrong" when plotted on the "travelmapping.net" web site.  Kind of a "common sense" clause.

Also a related issue about driving roads before getting a certain designation.  I've driven some asphalt that is now I-11, I-42, I-87(NC) etc but before they received those numbers.  That's OK for me.

 on: March 19, 2019, 11:43:41 PM 
Started by Mergingtraffic - Last post by jeffandnicole
https://www.google.com/maps/@44.3750196,-106.6930117,3a,24.1y,151.14h,107.83t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1st_nhZcyc-aAG2x1JOO3krg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 I don't think this needs an explanation. (Buffalo, WY)

I need an explanation. I'm seeing a state-named shield, but nothing else exceptionally good.

Center exit tab; bad kerning for Casper; single up arrow for 2 lanes when an arrow isn't needed in the first place. It's actually bad signage, not good.

 on: March 19, 2019, 11:36:04 PM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by Max Rockatansky
I made some substantial updates to the existing CA 132 to incorporate the entire highway.  I added a section regarding I-5W and a couple side destinations; namely the 1915 Southern Pacific Depot and 1999 Roberts Ferry Covered Bridge.


 on: March 19, 2019, 11:26:14 PM 
Started by Mergingtraffic - Last post by Rothman
I figured the last numbered exit on Route 6 would be Exit 89 just before the Orleans rotary.  If we were to number intersections east of there, then we would need to number ramps on roads like US 20 and MA 9 between Worcester and Boston, the US 202 mini-freeway section between Holyoke and South Hadley, and MA 79 in Fall River.  The equivalent of this in CT would be numbering the exits on the Berlin Turnpike.  The missing exits 69-84 (future 67-78) were planned as part of a Parkway extension that never came to be.  Nowadays, the only intersections I could see getting numbers are the CT 9 and CT 175 junctions, and the CT 314 exit to continue on the turnpike.  In MA, the roads with unnumbered exits that should be numbered are the US 1 limited access portion between I-93 and Revere, MA 1A from I-93 to MA 145, US 5 from I-91/MA 83 to US 20, MA 57 in Agawam, and the 2 Greenfield exits on MA 2 (MA 2 West to I-91 North, and US 5/MA 10).

Also the short MA-116 freeway north of MA-9 in Hadley/Amherst.
And the consequences of not numbering the sole exit for UMass would be...?

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