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 on: Today at 08:52:11 PM 
Started by NJRoadfan - Last post by SignBridge
Emergency vehicles equipped with transmitters for traffic signal pre-emtion is nothing new. I have seen them operate in some places and it does screw up the normal sequence of the signals in some cases. Although they must be helpful to emergency vehicles, they can cause havoc with the signal phasing and traffic flow after the vehicle passes thru. I've seen it create a confusing picture to approaching drivers, including myself.

 on: Today at 08:39:34 PM 
Started by Stephane Dumas - Last post by cjk374
I am told that the NFL is going to rename the Super Bowl to the "Tom Brady Invitational".

I for one will not be watching the Super (toilet)Bowl this year. Not just because my Saints were robbed, I don't care for either team in the game. This could be the lowest rated Super Bowl in viewership ever. I don't think there is a conspiracy behind the suck-ass calls (and lack of calls), but I hope Godell is very proud of the Super Bowl that has been created by his refs.

WHO DAT DAMMIT!!! Saints for SB LIV.

 on: Today at 08:32:42 PM 
Started by mightyace - Last post by jeffandnicole
On the NJ Turnpike, while they were time stamped there was nothing encoded that informed us the ticket was older than 24 hours. It just processed the toll as normal.

Not sure if PA's system is different.

 on: Today at 08:31:47 PM 
Started by hbelkins - Last post by formulanone
It's kind of hard to work up enthusiasm for something you've seen and discussed several times before. There can be a lot of "been there, done that" with any hobby. It's a long game to be played; new roads aren't built overnight and there's a lot of ground to be covered.

On one hand, there's more roads than anyone could hope to drive upon in their lifetime. If your goal is to drive on them all, then it's an unattainable apex, but with classification an ordering, one can set more reasonable expectations and goals. Some people are going to keep going, and others are going to just find it tedious after a while.

I get a lot of variety thanks to travelling for work, and that's a huge perk. If I was stuck driving the same routes almost all of the time, it would get a bit dry...which is how it felt to me after a few years of getting my driver's license. If I wasn't covering any new ground, it wasn't usually as much fun.

 on: Today at 08:16:34 PM 
Started by golden eagle - Last post by vdeane
Not to mention that a large part of what presidential candidates promise to do is actually a promise to get Congress to do something for them.  Increasingly, the Congressional agenda is set by the President.  The days of the President being a "chief bureaucrat" who also did foreign policy but left domestic policy to Congress are long gone (not that they every really existed in the first place).

 on: Today at 08:12:42 PM 
Started by ftballfan - Last post by vdeane
Tier 4 (schools generally open unless required to close by state law; most if not all private sector offices open; retail universally open)
Veterans Day
Columbus Day - not a state holiday in several states
I always got off for those (through high school - not for college).  Still do, since I work for the state, and we get all the federal holidays plus floaters on Lincoln's Birthday and Election Day (we can take the holiday any work day from when the holiday happens to when it happens again the following year).  At my last job, Columbus Day and Veterans Day were a floating holiday of a different variety - you could take one or the other, but not both (that job had off all the other federal holidays plus Black Friday).

 on: Today at 07:58:19 PM 
Started by Scott5114 - Last post by ThatTenneseeRoadgeek
Need a replacement E5-1 sign for an older one that had an interstate shield on it but got mowed down, and don't have any funding? Just take ALDOT's approach and slap an interstate shield on a generic E5-1 sign when putting it up!
Cheaply-done Exit Gore Sign by freebrickproductions, on Flickr

Ain't the only one in the city like it either!
Just Tacky by freebrickproductions, on Flickr

And according to street view, the second one is still there as well, having been remounted onto a double post!

Now, they could have just put the shield on the post's of the sign, just sayin'.

 on: Today at 07:53:31 PM 
Started by 1995hoo - Last post by vdeane
But is it even POSSIBLE to reasonably implement a mileage tax?  Either everything goes to your home jurisdiction no matter what, or some centralized tracking method is needed.

 on: Today at 07:44:23 PM 
Started by NJRoadfan - Last post by Amtrakprod
I saw something interesting last week - a FYA that didn't flash.

As I reached the intersection the light was red for my direction (thru and left turn).  An ambulance came through on the cross street.  When the light changed, the thru was green (even though that intersection has a leading protected left turn).  The left turn signal, a four-head, had a solid left turn arrow in the second from bottom position - the position that normally would flash.

I wonder if the ambulance had some kind of activation that would keep the cross street signal green for it, and when the controller took over from the special activation it malfunctioned slightly. 

I didn't stick around to see if the signal went to back to normal on the next cycle.  But it's been ok on other days I went that way.
Was this during rush hour? Many cities make the signal protective during rush hour.

 on: Today at 07:43:22 PM 
Started by roadman65 - Last post by Amtrakprod
MA uses the No Outlet plaques, but it says DEAD END on the rhombus sign.

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